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Luminous Screen Protectors

Luminous Screen Protectors

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1. Smooth surface, pasted on the phone screen as if there is no film 

2. Protect your phone from dust and scratches 

3. it will glow at night, making your mobile phone more obvious 

4. Luminous color, can absorb light, the luminous effect is not enough, you can use a flashlight to irradiate for a while, the tempered film will be obvious! 

5. Pay attention to the black color, it will not shine at night 

6. Silicone soft edges can reduce broken edges! 

7. Excellent value for money! 



  • 1. Features: Tempered Glass
  • 2. Features: HD Film
  • 3. Features: Tempered Film
  • 4. Features: Anti-Scratch
  • 5. Features: Anti-Shatter
  • 6. Features: Glitter
  • 7. Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • 8. Type: Front Film
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