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Arcade Game Kit

Arcade Game Kit

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Engaging families for hours of fun, the Arcade Game Kit is the perfect combination of technology and entertainment. Gone are the days when setting up an arcade game meant spending big dollars. With this DIY Arcade Game Kit, you can easily build your own two-player arcade game with a Zero Delay PC USB Encoder and an 8-way classic-style joystick. Compatible with wood or metal control panels, you can create the ultimate gaming machine with just a few parts. With all the necessary switches included, each one is tested to 10,000,000 cycles, so you know the final result will be of the best quality. Plus, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get a 100% Zero Delay USB Interface Board, perfect compatibility with Windows systems, and much more. Get your family and friends together for a fun night of gaming with the Arcade Game Kit!




Packing Includes:2 x Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder2 x USB Cable25 x 2Pin Wire cables for Buttons2 x 4/8 Way Happ Style Joystick with bat top ball handle (Big Size)16 x Happ Style Push Button18 x Microswitch for the Push Button 1 x 1P Start Push Button Color can free collocation1 x 2P Start Push Button

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